2019 Entering Class Form

  1. Entering Class Form
  2. Demographic Form
  3. White Coat Ceremony Form
  4. Alumni Coating Form
  5. Pre-Health Advisor Notification
  6. Review

Entering Class Form

This form is comprised of four sections: • Demographic Form • White Coat Form • Alumni Coating Form • Pre-Health Advisor Notification. Each section is described below.
The Office of Admissions uses demographic information for the creation of the First Year Class Profile and reporting purposes. Please be sure to complete this form in its entirety.
The White Coat Ceremony Form is to assist us with ordering your clinic coat. During the President's Welcome Ceremony, all First Year students will be given their coat. The White Coat Welcome /Awards Ceremony is an annual tradition at ICO. You will be officially welcomed to ICO by the President of the College, Dr. Mark Colip; you will also receive your white clinic coats and recite the Student Optometric Oath. First year students will also be acknowledged for various awards.
During the White Coat Ceremony, we are extending the opportunity for a relative, who is a graduate of ICO to participate in your coating during the President’s Welcome ceremony. If you would like to participate in this tradition and your parent or sibling is a graduate of ICO, please complete that section of the online form.
The Office of Admissions would like to send a letter to your undergraduate college or university notifying your Pre-health Advisor or Faculty Advisor of your matriculation to ICO in the fall. We are very proud of you and would like to share your remarkable news with your advisors. We would also like to thank them for their support and encouragement while advising you and other pre-health and pre-optometry students. In addition, we would like to send your advisor(s) our ICO viewbook information packet. It is our hope that they will utilize these materials in assisting other students interested in optometry. Please allow us to share your good news and provide more information on optometry to your advisors by completing this form.
It is very important that you complete this form by Friday, May 24, 2019.