Campus Security

Security reports & Forms

Campus Security and Fire Safety Report 
Campus Security Authorities - Incident Report
On-Campus Parking Application


To place an emergency call, dial 911 from any campus phone. All campus phones provide emergency information to the local 911 Emergency Center as well as the ICO Security Office. This provides faster response times to the calling location and access for emergency personnel to secured areas of the campus. Personal cell phones should only be used if you are unable to access a campus phone. The Officer will complete an Incident Report which will be filed in the Security Office and forwarded to the Vice President for Student, Alumni and College Development.

Securing The Lecture Hall Doors In An Emergency
ICO has installed security devices for all of the lecture hall doors (rooms 1201, 1202, & 1203)  that any student or instructor can use in cases of an emergency where these doors need to be secured.  Anyone can simply place the red brace, located on a clear plastic box next to the door, into the bracket located on the door.  The red brace will also slide into either a floor mount or align with the door frame.  Check out this short 45 second video here for a demo on the door to floor mount.

Active Shooter Protocol    Video:  DHS Active Shooter Situation: Options for Consideration

Other Safety Procedures

Bomb Threat Protocol
Disaster Recovery Plan
Elevator Failure Protocol
Fire or Explosion Response 
General Safety – Reporting of Incidents
General Security – Reporting of Incidents
Hazardous Substance Spill/Leak Response
Health Emergency Response
Power Outage Protocol
Slip and Fall Procedure
Utility Failure Response

The College security force is staffed with active or retired Chicago Police Department officers who have had considerable experience in law enforcement. Security officers are on duty 24 hours a day every day of the year. Closed circuit TV monitors are used for surveillance of parking lots and the surrounding College property.

The Security officers have instructions to check identification of anyone on campus whenever necessary. Since Security officers may not recognize everyone, it is important that each student wears his/her College ID badge at all times. This will save time and trouble for all concerned and avoid possible embarrassment. If you are requested to present your identification, please cooperate with the officer because he/she is functioning in his/her capacity for your welfare and safety.

Persons carrying packages out of the building may be challenged. The Security officers have instructions to contact the administrative offices for clearance on packages or boxes going out of the building to prevent disappearance of personal articles and school equipment.

Public access to the campus is restricted to two (2) controlled entrances: the college/business entrance on Indiana Avenue and the Illinois Eye Institute entrance on Michigan Avenue. When a receptionist is not present, entrance to the campus is gained by:

  1. Access card (ID) which is issued to all students, staff and faculty
  2. Admittance by a Campus Safety Officer

The following are some suggestions of ways to reduce the possibilities of personal loss:

  • Keep important items locked in a secure place
  • Keep car doors locked, windows rolled up, and items in cars not visible from the outside
  • Do not leave clinic equipment unattended and do not leave purses, jewelry, money, etc. on desks, in the library, in the washrooms, or in the fitness enter/locker rooms.
  • Personal items (unless properly secured) should not be left overnight at the College
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • The possession, storage or use of any firearm or other weapon on campus is strictly prohibited
  • Under extraordinary circumstances, it may be necessary for the College to conduct a reasonable search of a student's locker, R.C. room or other campus facilities.

For your welfare and protection, anything or anyone of a suspicious nature on the College premises should immediately be reported to Campus Security (x7633) or a member of the ICO or IEI Administration or a faculty member. In the Residential Complex, report anything suspicious to Security or a Resident Assistant. Students should not hesitate to call College Security or the city police when the occasion seems to warrant this action. In such cases, give full information and follow instructions given.

Infractions, crimes and other information must be documented according to the Uniform Crimes Reporting System (UCR) as dictated by law. Statistics and records of all campus safety activities are compiled monthly and forwarded to the College administration in a timely manner.

Student Shuttle

ICO has a Dodge white 7 passenger van for student transport from campus to local public transit and home locations close to campus.  It operates from dusk to midnight Monday thru Saturday. 

Service Boundaries

  • West to Halsted
  • East to Martin Luther King Drive
  • North to Roosevelt
  • South to 35th Street

These boundaries will include the transportation hubs of the Red, Green, Orange, and Blue lines, and Metra station at 35th and LaSalle.

Student must call security to request a ride at the Indiana Entrance, or if possible, call security in advance at ext. 7633 (at no charge).  There may be a wait for a ride if the van is already engaged.  Alcohol is not permitted on board. This service is not to be used for transportation to parties or shopping or other events not sanctioned by ICO.